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Free Bike Licence With Every New Bike Bought!

Free CBT or Full motorcycle licence with every new car purchased
Is that morning rush hour getting you down? Are you consistently getting stuck in traffic; your car engine idling, surrounded by equally frustrated commuters sounding their car horns? Many drivers are looking for a solution to the regular traffic report informing them of the ‘3-mile tailback with delays of 30 minutes or more’ ahead – which is not the best way to start the day at all!

 At Lloyd Honda Motorcycles, we have the answer! When riding a motorbike there will be no more tailbacks and no more queues! ‘’But I don’t have a licence’’ we hear you say?  Lloyd Honda Motorcycles will pay for this with every new bike bought – whether this is your CBT on a 125CC bike or your full bike licence* for a 250CC and upwards (worth £800!) at our local Honda Approved School of Motoring! So, make the most of competitive finance and a free bike licence at Lloyd Honda Motorcycles.

 If this isn’t enough to persuade you to join the pack, there are even more pro’s to owning a motorcycle. It goes without saying that’ll you’ll automatically have the ‘cool factor’ but did you know that with a motorcycle you can also save money? Generally, motorcycles get better fuel mileage than most cars and often cost less to maintain and service! They will also save you space and worrying about parking will be a thing of the past, with your motorcycle fitting into spots that cars can’t. This is all before we’ve even started thinking about the weekends – just think about the fun you can have riding your bike; whether this is around the beautiful Lake District, or further afield on tours around Europe and beyond!

 Contact us for your perfect deal on your perfect bike.  

 *Terms and Conditions apply. Full bike licence covers your CBT, theory test, mod 1, mod 2 and up to 15 lessons.  

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